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Commercial Tyres Off Highway prides itself on providing a ‘Best in Class’ service

The Tructyre Group quality assurance

Quality Policy

The operation of a comprehensive and independently verified Quality Assurance system is a natural development of our ongoing commitment to total customer satisfaction. As a result, we have implemented a quality system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

The Tructyre Group quality assurance

Our Quality Assurance Policies

  • Excellence of Service
    Provide an excellence of service to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Prompt Response
    Respond promptly and effectively to customer needs, taking into account statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Customer Support
    Work with our suppliers and business partners to ensure the highest level of support for our customers.
  • Appropriate Procedures
    Ensure our procedures are always appropriate to the current business climate and market demands.
  • Employee Training and Support
    Provide the working environment, facilities, equipment and training our employees need in order to discharge their duties safely and effectively.
  • Internal Communication
    Communicate quality related matters between all employees, to both gain and provide information, whilst encouraging pride in personal achievements.
  • Quality of Supplied Product
    Ensure the quality of the products we supply, by purchasing only from sources that meet our own stringent standards.
  • Leaders for Quality
    Seek constantly to improve and promote the company’s reputation, always being among the leaders for quality within our industry.
  • Management Review
    Set, review and monitor at management reviews, achievable management objectives that will ensure continual improvement of our service standards.
  • Quality Review
    Regularly review the performance of our quality system at the highest level.

Our independently verified quality assurance guarantees the service levels that match our promises to you.
For quality assured service contact us on 01634 230700.

t: 01634 230700

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